The Settles

The Settlers

"A compelling, must-see, tour de force."

  - The Huffington Post

"Everyone who cares about Israel should see Shimon Dotan's "The Settlers." "

  - The Jerusalem Post

From the Romanian-born, Israeli-raised filmmaker Shimon Dotan, "The Settlers" traces the history of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and their growth through individual action and, in this telling, the sometimes tacit encouragement of Israeli politicians.  

Interweaving archival footage with current interviews featuring settlers and academics alike, Dotan examines the incremental protests, governmental indifference, and political calculation that have led to the current stalemate in which we've come to know.  Partisans on both sides of the conflict will find plenty to argue with.  The real achievement here is in going beyond the buzzwords of newscasts and talking points to convey a sense of what's happening on the ground-- and give it a sense of urgency.   

Additional Film Info:

Director: Shimon Dotan
Subjects: Religious Studies, Political Studies, Human Rights, Globalization, 
Genres:  Documentary
Type: Color
Year: 2016
Language: English, Hebrew
Length: 106 mins.